Top 3 Graphic File Mistakes for Flags

Alana K ·
Ever heard of something that’s just too good? Well, printing equipment may be just a little too accurate. Custom flag printers create high-quality flags that can easily reveal any faults in a graphic file. For example, on older TVs, you are less likely to see the flaws on Sean Connery in the original James Bond movies versus Daniel Craig on a 4K TV.

So, how do you avoid having issues with your graphic files? Here are a few commonly made, yet preventable, mistakes.

Low-Resolution Design Files
You must provide print-ready vector files of your artwork. Any .jpg and .png files blown up to 5’ or larger will be fuzzy. Keep in mind that just because it’s an .ai, .eps, or .pdf file doesn't mean it’s ready to print.

Color Values and Visibility
Digital textile printers print files more precisely than on your desktop or mobile device. The way a color appears on your computer screen may be a little different than when it prints on paper or fabric. So, choose your PMS colors wisely.

Also, while there are over 2,000 Pantone colors, not all colors are achievable. Variations of navy are an example. We’ll let you know if you select one of those few colors.

Pro Tip - The more contrast, the better. You don't want colors disappearing next to each other. Avoid this by picking contrasting colors.

Not Trusting the Design Experts
We have been in the flag business for 40+ years. We know some things because we've seen some things. While we will never edit your files before printing your flag, we will review the file you send us and make suggestions for improvement. It is highly recommended that you follow these suggestions.

Not Carefully Reviewing the Proof!
We give you a proof for a reason. Here you can check the quantity, size, color, design, method of printing, and flag finish. We cannot stress enough how important this part of the process is. If something is wrong on the proof, it’s going to be wrong on your order. So review your proof carefully.

In conclusion, there are a few common mistakes people make when creating custom flag files. These mistakes can be easily avoided by following the tips provided in this article and trusting the custom flag design experts. By taking the time to create a high-quality graphic file, you can ensure that your custom flag prints correctly and looks great!

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