Introducing Arty

Alana Karmiol ·

Arty the Astronaut on standing on the moon waving while holding a custom flag.

Artemis Flags, or Arty as her friends call her, was raised in Satellite Beach, Florida. She always dreamt of being something bigger, something more than a small-town vexillologist.

With her inspirational achievements in college, she was offered a job with N.A.S.F.A. She set off on a mission to become the world’s leading Astro Vexillogist, studying the effects of flags on other planets. With Artemis’ help, N.A.S.F.A. finally designed an innovative technology for human collaboration with commercial and extraterrestrial partners, establishing humanity’s first giant leap into interplanetary marketing. Officially licensed to Regal Flags & Poles, Inc., was established in 2022.

The design tool allows Artemis to gift her alien neighbors with the potential for universal translation. She is now on a voyage to complete Mission C.U.S.T.O.M. This mission aims to create unity in space via transformative original marketing. Arty and her spaceship are blasting into the stars to spread the power of flag-based communication across the galaxy.


(n.) Astro Vexillology- The theoretical study of the transformative effects of flags on other planets.

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