What's The Difference Between Single & Double Sided?

Linda Snyder ·

Understanding the differences between these flag finishes and components may seem a bit confusing & difficult at first, but we promise it’s a lot simpler than it sounds.

Maybe you’re new to the flags community and weren’t aware of all the different components to consider when making a flag purchase or maybe you just want to know which finish is right for you. We will explain the differences between header and sleeve finishes, best uses, and recommended flagpole parts.



Single/reverse flags only show correctly on one side so that the opposite side will be a mirror image. The vibrancy on the back is similar to the vibrancy on the front. This printing method is the most popular among flags all over the world.


Single/opaque flags only show correctly on one side and can not be seen on the other side at all. This printing method is the least popular among flags all over the world.


Single/reverse is the best option when you don’t have words to read. Reading a flag can be hard enough with it waving in the wind. We highly recommend single/reverse flags because they are light and fly in a slight breeze. We don’t offer single/opaque flags and won’t do so if we have any say on the matter.

single sided flag example where the back is seen as a mirror image



Double-sided flags have the image printed identically on both sides. This is achieved by two flags being sewn together with a liner in between. The liner ensures that the front and back images do not conflict with each other. These flags are 3 times heavier than the popular 1 layer single/reverse flags.


Double-sided patch flags use two patches that are stitched or printed and then sewn to the front and back of a single layer flag. This is a more involved process, hence a longer production time.

As of August 2020, this method is unavailable in the interest of filling orders more efficiently.


Double-sided flags are best for flying a flag where the wording must be easily read from either side or when there need to be different images on both sides of the flag. If you'd like to make any of our stock flags double-sided, we can make that happen!

Warning: We do not recommend double-sided flags. They may not fly as well due to their weight. Double-sided flags may not hold up as well as single-sided since layers may separate or the liner between layers could shift, shrink or bunch. This is a rare occurrence but still happens.

double sided flag example showing the same design on both sides

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